The Holidays Are Almost Here: 3 Tips That Will Help You Avoid Accidents During Inclement Weather

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The winter holidays are just around the corner, which means it will soon be time to start making your travel plans. If you're going to be driving, you'll need to be prepared for weather changes that can affect your safety. Here are some weather tips that can help you avoid auto accidents while you're traveling this winter.


If you're going to be traveling during the winter, you should be prepared for sleet. Sleet forms when rain passes through a significant layer of cold air before it reaches the ground. While it's falling to the ground, the rain drops freeze into small pellets. Once they hit the ground, they can create a slippery mess on the roads. If you're traveling during a sleet storm, you should pull off the road and wait the storm out. Roadways and bridges can become dangerous once they're covered with sleet. It's also important to watch for power lines and large trees during sleet storms. Sleet can build up quickly and cause branches and power lines to fall.


Driving in snow can be stressful, especially if you've never driven in it before. If you're going to be driving in snow for the first time this winter, you'll want to be prepared for skidding. Skidding can make you lose control of your car quite quickly. How you react to a skid will be determined by whether it's a rear-wheel skid, or a front-wheel skid.

Rear-Wheel Skids

If your rear wheels begin skidding, don't panic. If you have anti-lock brakes, apply steady pressure and turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid. If you have standard brakes, pump them while turning your steering wheel in the direction of the skid. If your car changes directions a few times before you can regain control, that's okay. Just be sure to continue turning the steering wheel whichever direction your car is skidding.

Front-Wheel Skids

If your front wheels are skidding, carefully shift your car into neutral. Once the car is in neutral, your car will lose power, and the wheels will slow down. Once you've regained control of your car, you can shift back into drive and continue on.


If you experience heavy rainfall while you're traveling, you should be prepared for potential flash floods. If you encounter large puddles while you're driving, don't go through them. They could be deeper than you think. Turn your headlights on and slow down. If the rains become so heavy that they interfere with your ability to see the road, you should pull over and wait the storm out.

If you're going to be traveling this winter, be sure you're prepared for the weather you might encounter. By taking the precautions described above, you can help prevent auto accidents while you're traveling. To make sure you're covered in the event that you're involved in a car accident while you're traveling this winter, be sure to contact an insurance agent at a company like Oliveira Gilbert C Insurance Agency Inc as soon as possible.